Organizational Grants

2023 Application

Brazos Valley Cares forges relationships with Veteran Service Organizations (VSO) and other entities to exponentially increase the impact of our donor dollars. We look forward to partnering with you to provide Brazos Valley veterans the services they need. Thank you for applying!


Non-profit organizations in the Brazos Valley that support United States veterans or their families may apply for a Brazos Valley Cares Organizational Grant. All applicants must meet the qualifications and adhere to  Grant Terms and Conditions.

Key Dates

April 1, 2023: Grant Application opens
June 30, 2023: Grant Application closes
August 1-5, 2023: Grant Application notification
August 15, 2023: Grant Awards Banquet


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Mission, geographic area served, administration, governance, # of professional staff and volunteers, years established.
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Is this a new project or an ongoing program?  If ongoing, how was it previously supported?


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Will a representative from your organization be available to attend the Grants Banquet tentatively scheduled for August 15, 2023?*
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Monitoring & Evaluation

Brazos Valley Cares grants are reviewed, approved, monitored, and measured for effectiveness by the organization’s Grants Committee and directly by the Board of Trustees.

Measurable outcomes are an important component of Brazos Valley Cares grants. Please note – Applications conveying how our funds will be monitored and verified of the impacts will carry more weight than those without this information. Grants can be turned down for lack of information at our discretion.

Grant Terms & Conditions